A premium cycling vacation like you never tried before. 

Join us for an unforgettable cycling trip of a lifetime. Hosted by Doriano and Martina DeRosa, we offer an opportunity not just to spectate at the most beautiful of the Grand Tours the Giro d'Italia, but also ride the best of the stunning Piedmont and Lombardy roads accompanied by the professional staff of HiRides.com Luxury Cycling Tours.
Each day offers a choice of an easier or harder route which you can select to your choice.

Combining all of the longer routes results in a five-day tour of 188 miles (though with nearly 20,000 feet of climbing). The more recreationally minded riders will cover 160 miles with 16,000ft ascent.

Yet riding will be only a part of an incredible overall experience which will include accommodation in the region’s finest luxury hotels, and a connoisseur’s selection of the best food and wine Italy can offer.

The tour offers a highly personal level of attention to your every need, thanks to an organizing staff of five for a maximum of 12 guests - including the amazing HiRides professional ride guides and mechanical support. 

Take your personal BIXXIS or your favorite ride with you for free - air freight costs for your bike is included in the package.

Summary schedule for the week:

May 20th (Saturday)– Arrive in Italy

You will be collected from MILAN MALPENSA Airport or another previously agreed pick-up point, and transfer to the hotel in charming Navigli area of Milan where you can recover from your travels or if you have the energy take in the sights of historic.

The welcome dinner will be held in one of the most beautiful historic trattorias in Milan where you will dine in the garden with the best of Milanese cuisine - accompanied by a remarkable selection of Italian and French wines.


May 21st (Sunday)– The Big Day at the Giro d’Italia,

Climb the iconic Valcava Pass and meet Doriano and Martina at BIXXIS

It will be a busy day!  An early start to leave Milan for Lecco where the ascent to Passo di Valcava begins. This opening day is the only one with a single option for the course.

We will start the ride early before the roads closure for the Giro d'Italia. We will climb to the pass where we will wait at the summit for the race caravan and peloton to pass – truly a spectacle to behold and an experience you’ll never forget.

The out and back route returns us to Lecco for transport to BIXXIS HQ in Seregno where refreshment awaits. You will be able to see where your beloved BIXXIS are made and most importantly talk with Doriano and Martina and relax while enjoying an incredible meal home-prepared by Martina.

Following this, in the evening we will transfer to the Hotel in the Langhe which will be our home for the rest of the week.

May 22nd (Sunday)– The first day in the Langhe in Barbaresco

A ride through the red wine vineyards

We are in the Langhe made famous worldwide for producing the best of Italian red wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera.

SHORTER ITINERARY: 34 miles - 2,850 feet

LONGER ITINERARY: 39 miles - 3,950 feet

This picturesque area features rolling hills covered by the vineyards which produced the renowned wines of the region. The overall descending route still features some climbs, though they are fun and not overly long.

The highlight of the day is Barbaresco which we reach after two climbs and riding through the villages of Benevello, Mango, Neive (considered the most beautiful village in the Langhe), finishing our day in Alba, the city of truffles.

The dinner will be in the village of La Morra but not before an aperitif in the upper village. During the Langhe dinner at the Bovio restaurant (also a producer of excellent wines), you will be introduced to the magical properties of Barolo, Italy’s best known and arguably finest red wine.

May 23rd (Monday)– It's the day of Barolo, touring the region’s castles.

Barolo is the most valuable wine region of Italy. Of the eleven villages which define the area, our route takes us through eight of them – passing six stunning castles along the way! 

SHORTER ITINERARY: 27 miles – 3,180 feet

LONGER ITINERARY: 34 miles - 4,085 feet

The longer route covers the entire Barolo area - the highlights of the day will be Belvedere of La Morra, the Chapel of Barolo and the village of Verduno.

Our dinner will be in Neive, considered the most beautiful village of the whole Langhe region (it’s said that the village roads have the deep strong scent of Barbaresco wine).

Our destination is the Trattoria Aromatario, with great Langarola cusine and Barbaresco, not too shabby.

May 24th (Tuesday) – Alta Langa, the rides will take us trough the country of hazelnuts and sheep cheeses.

Alta Langa is the southern-most part of the region, where the Langhe hills slope toward the Ligurian Sea. The area is characterised by its white sparkling wines, delicious hazelnuts and grazing sheep which produce the famed cheeses of the region.

SHORTER ITINERARY: 34 miles - 2,850 feet

LONGER ITINERARY: 39 miles - 3,950 feet

The half-way point of the ride is reached in Murazzano following four climbs (including an ascent of the famous XXXX where the legendary Fausto Coppi used to train) 

This being the home of the sheep cheese Robbiola di Murazzano we will taste this along with the crisp sparkling white Cugna' (!!!)

Our aperitif and dinner will be in the city of Bra at ristorante Battaglino, possibly our favourite restaurant of the whole Langhe region. Founded in 1919, it’s been continuously operated by the same family over many generations. The food retains the historic character which provided its fame, though now revised and lightened for the current tastes. By now you realize there’s no need to state that the wine selection will also be of the highest level

May 25th (Wednesday)Roero , we tour the roads of the white wine vineyards

SHORTER ITINERARY: 42 miles - 2,800 feet

LONGER ITINERARY: 48 miles - 3,450 feet

Roero, is the secret part of the Langhe, a long ride in the less famous but full of charm areas of the region. A long series of ascents takes us from the high hill of Monforte to the plain of Bra.

The farewell dinner will be host in the delightful Locanda dell'Arco in Cissone, a village with a spectacular balcony overlooking the Alps which, unfortunately, will not be covered with snow in May.

A worthy ending of traditional Langhe cuisine with a cellar always on the lookout for new small producers

May 26th (Thursday)– Last day in Italy but we are sure you will be back on the Italian roads soon with us.

After breakfast, will be time to say goodbye and start the journey back home.

We will drop you and your bike at Milan MPX airport, or if you plan to stay longer to visit Italy, we will be happy to help you.

Contact us for more information or call/text us US Pacific time at +1 503 780 2688

Written by Stefano Spedini

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