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 The perfect tool for a comfortable ride or a performance racing machine. Classic lines, but adapted to be paired with any modern component.

RIZZO ROAD MERMAID for lightweight riders, with a skinnier tube selection, and RIZZO CHINOOK with stiffer, beefy tubes for pushing hard on the pedals.

Both will give you the benefits of steel - that feeling of going into a railroad track, the smoothness over cobblestone, the 120k feeling like a 20k ride, and that springy energy that only a TIG welded frame gives you in return after every hard pedal stroke

This is a product completely designed and handmade  by Ruben Rizzo and pricing varies upon the choices of the customer.

Steel Framesets starts at 3,200.00 $, Titanium Framesets Starts at 4,500.00 $

Please  mail or call us at 503-780-2688 before ordering.