Chet Malinow is an artist based out of Portland, Oregon. 
He spends most of his time in a cramped, hot studio or running around town bouncing from project to project.

When not working he enjoys cycling around town or mountain biking Oregon's epic single track.
This project with Biciclista bridged his passion for biking and his studio practice.

For each clothing item he created a painting with a tool he constructed and acrylic paint. We then took his imagery and printed directly onto beautiful hand made Italian bike wear. The collection is wrapped up in a hand painted box with a print that corresponds to the edition number of the set. 

The 50 Boxes  contain the full collection including some items that are not available separately. 

But what's inside? 

The jersey is based upon our performance no compromises Streamliner, the whole body is in one piece with no seams for a complete contact with your body to allow the premium fabric we selected for this garment to perform at best. The upper part that integrate sleeves and collar fits like a glove.

To complete the outfit kit we developed 6 panels bib shorts made of the finest Italian Lycra with a high quality chamois and wide and breathable elastic bands on the legs.

The cap is also made to be a perfect under helmet layer with superior breathability and fast drying characteristics. 

The lightweight fast drying socks are fully printed to match the rest of the kit. 

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