Miss Grape Tendril Waterproof

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Tendril is our 100% waterproof handlebar bag. The Tendril can be mounted on both drop (road and gravel type) and straight (MTB) bars. Using special rubber spacers, the bag sits about 2 centimetres from the handlebar; this creates a space between the bag and the bars allowing the cables (brake & gear) to run unhindered. This in turn means that the bar controls do not need to be moved to accomodate the bag and so ensuring full control and comfort.

The bag is closed by rolling the two sides in, implemented by a compression system. This closing system allows one to minimise the external dimensions of the bag, depending of course on how full the bag is.

This is especially important when using Drop bars as it helps to avoid any contact with the hands, essential for maintaining full control of the bike. Two adjustable straps on the outside of the bag enable the addition of a second smaller bag, or enable the rider to carry more bulky items such as a tent or a sleeping mat.


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