HIRIDES takes you to Italy

A premium experience like you never tried before. 

All inclusive Tours of Italy's best cycling destinations.

Enjoy the glorious Giro d'Italia climbs, the most incredible roads and gravel roads can offer in the confort of a five star hosting. 

Majestic mountains and breathtaking landscapes will make your journey unforgettable. 

Luxury hotels with wellness centers/Spas are standard with any itinerary. 

We guarantee the best food and wine Italy can offer in awarded restaurants and trattorias.

Every tour has a five persons staff for 12 guest that include professional ride guide and mechanical support. 

Three vans are present in every ride to provide an all day long support and a complete enjoyment of the journey.

Take your bike or use one of our high end rides perfect for the tour.

Visit HIRIDES website and book your tour now! 

March 25, 2019 by Stefano Spedini